Sunday, 29 March 2009

First weigh in and I loose 11lbs!!

WOW I am so chuffed. 11lbs!!
Not only that my BMI is now 40.9 when it was 42.2 and also I have lost just under 5% of fat in one week!!!!
Its been too easy this first week. I feel like a fraud! But I now weigh 16.10 whoop whoop!

Gonna go and play on the wii now.

Now its 23.00 and you would think i would be jumping for joy still at the fact that I have lost 11lbs but i aint. Mikes working late and I am home alone. Starving. For the first time. I just want to order a dominos. I wont but I want to if that makes sense. Its the whole comfort eating thing coming back into play and I am trying to fight my demons. I told mike that i want to do that and he said noooooooooooooo you dont and i wont but its hard. I feel sorry for myself. Why me? Why do i have to go through this? why doesnt everyone have to do these drastic things to loose weight.

hey ho. Running a bath. Gonna have a coke zero with it and a nice read of a booka nd then wait patiently for my mikey to come home. :(

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