Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Day 3 and I have to share 3 shakes over 19 hours!!

Well I am VERRRRRY proud of myself I have cleared day 2 and that was a mission last time. I dont want to say its been easy as the minute I say that it will start getting hard, but its not been hard put it that way!
I start work tonight at 1900 and am working till 0300 am. The time now is 8.30am so I have to spread the packs over 19 hours. I do have a shake spare so was thinking I may just have 4 shakes today, but i will see how I go as I would rather not waste them unless I am really desperate.
But its going well. I had a sneaky peak at my scales this morning and they are saying 17.2 so thats a definate loss of 6lbs already. My weigh in is at 7.30pm on sunday so we will see we will see.
So far I have had a cuppa and am now sipping my first pint of water. I want to try and find a really bad before photo so when i get to goal or half way through I can see how bad i was! But I stupidly deleted the bad ones! So its gonna be hard.
The only people who know I am back on cambridge is, my mum, mike, my sister kim, the girls and my mum in law to be. I will not tell people I am on it even when they say (if they say) I have lost weight as i dont want people turning their nose up at it and making me go off track!
When I have my first dress fitting I will post it up here and then then I have the next two I will also post up here so that I can also see (hopefully) me being a srhinking violet!
Which means I wont be able to show H2b this thread until afterwards but hes cool. Hes supportive in whatever I do.
Right signing off now......

Found this site called virtual model which you can see what you will look like?

Heres what i found....

This is me at 17.7 stones and at 10 stones!!!

As you can see this is a massive difference and i will keep these to spur me on!!!

So day three is over (in the literal sense) as its 00.35 but I still have 2 and a half hours to go at work. Gone quite quick actually.

I went to sleep before work and woke up with a bit of a headache. I went to bed with the heating on full blast, my nighty, a fleece dressing gown and 15 tog quilt. I still wasnt warm warm but i think i over did it with the radiators lol.

Been given some new training at work which was quite interesting. More ways to detect a stroke and also we are now telling people with chest pains to chew!!! yes chew.... on 4 asprins and if they cant chew they have to sit with them under their tongue. The reasoning behind this is that it disolves into the blood stream quicker on your tongue. Other stuff aswell learnt but found that interesting.
Anyhoooo back to the diet. I was HANK MARVIN by the time 11pm came as I was just abou tto go on my break to have my delicious porridge when was told to go to the training! boo hiss! So sat there sipping my water, glowing red when my belly rumbled!!! But got through it. But made my porridge with 200ml of water as someone suggested it made it go longer on minimins. NO WAY never again. It just made it into water with lumps in it. still tasted devine but i think i would rather have the lesser option than have that!
Had my water amount and now on the extra! its either that or be dying for red bullocks through out the night.
Cant wait to drive home, i love the drive home when i finish at 3am! Clear roads, take that blasting in my car and knowing i will go home to a naked gorgeous fiance and the bed will be alllll warm!

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