Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Day one. 17 stone 7lbs eeeeeeeek!

Hi there. I have done this diet before, well actually started off at Lighterlife two years ago at 14.11 and lost 2 stone with lighterlife. I had a suspected misscarriage and it all went tits up!
I then tried Camrbidge and lost a stone but then lost my job (this was back in March 08).... roll on March 09 and I am 17 stone 7 now!! I cant believe it. I remember back when I was creaping up to 15 I thought jesus I cant get bigger than this.
But now I am severley obese (as the bmi chart states!).
So I went to the cambridge counsiller near me and when she weighed me, informed me that she could start with me until i got a form signed by the drs. I was gutted! Basically at 42.2 bmi I cant do the diet without the drs consent.
I skulked off and went to my sister who had some left over. She gave me a days worth as I wanted to start 23rd March as a) it was my birthday 21st march and being 28 and fat all my life isnt boeding well with me. b) I knew if i didnt start then I would give up!
So.... I went to drs, and asked for my form to be signed but they wouldnt sign it till wednesday (apparently my drs are too posh to sign so they have an admin team that takes three days to scribble their name, and I have to pay £15 for that privalidge!)

Luckily though, my sister gave me three days worth so I am ok till wednesday and started it as promised on 23rd March.
I have taken three days off work (i had them off anyway as I work shifts but doing overtime on wed and thursday) so i can concentrate on getting this diet off the ground and will be close to a toilet.

Wednesday and thurs night I am on 19.00 till 0300am. so that could be tricky.

Anyway So I have started this diet at weighing in at 17.7 and only 5"4 (i have grown an inch yey)and want to at least get down to about 15 by May time.

On here I will put my thoughts feelings down.

So far day one had a chocolate shake, a black tea and a pint of water, and have been on the toilet most of the morning lol. Feeling hungry but positive. I want to do this. I am sick of sitting here with a tire round my waist. Having to lift my stomach up to dry underneath it (tmi) and just feeling so gross. My main problem at the moment is my arms as I am due to get married on 29th August this year and my arms are like thighs they are so big. I think in my head I am smaller than I am until i see a photo and I get a shock. So i think what I will have to do is get some photos developed and keep looking back at them as I go along.I will come back to this when I feel the need and just jot down randoms. People dont need to read it, but if you do, leave me a message and say hi.xxx
23/3/09 - 6pm - stomach is rumbling already!!! eeeeek!Must do this must do this must do this!!!!
23/3/09 - 8pm - Well nearly there. Just starving and waiting till Mike (the fiance) sits down with his pizza grrrrrrrrrrrrr my fav meal and I will have a veg soup! yum!! (NOT!)

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