Friday, 3 April 2009

day 12.

Still finding the diet really easy.... well apart from craving food lol its ok.

Mike and I are off this weekend so we are spending some well earned time together.
Had a nice long soak together and then went shopping, he put his hand on my leg in teh car and said.... oh baby your legs are certainly shrinking YIPEEEEEEEEEEE!

We then came home and had got the seating plan for the wedding so had a good old laugh putting the table plan together!

We love shows so the table names are the shows we have seen.One of them is called the vagina monolgues where we have put all the rowdy people on which i am sooooooo jealous as its people from my family his work and his family on this table and I sooooooo wish i was with them as it will be such a laugh!And we put the boring people on the rocky horror picture show hahahah
The kids are on a table called Wicked and we are on Avenue Q which was our first date!
We also have boogie nights table, Rent, cirque de soliel, the woman in black and starlight express.

At some points we were laughing so much I nearly wet myself before getting to the loo! haha! Oh well I am waffling now.

Only 3 days till weigh in. This week seems to have taken an age to get there. My sister who started sat has lost 10lbs well done kim!!!!
I have definatly lost a stone now just dont know how much on my councillers scales.

Monday, 30 March 2009

Feeling faint!!!

Right today when i was bending down i got really lightheaded and had to sit down.then as I was walking up the escalators at the train station on my way to work I felt really faint nad hot and my heart was racing. I am wondering is this normal?

Sunday, 29 March 2009

First weigh in and I loose 11lbs!!

WOW I am so chuffed. 11lbs!!
Not only that my BMI is now 40.9 when it was 42.2 and also I have lost just under 5% of fat in one week!!!!
Its been too easy this first week. I feel like a fraud! But I now weigh 16.10 whoop whoop!

Gonna go and play on the wii now.

Now its 23.00 and you would think i would be jumping for joy still at the fact that I have lost 11lbs but i aint. Mikes working late and I am home alone. Starving. For the first time. I just want to order a dominos. I wont but I want to if that makes sense. Its the whole comfort eating thing coming back into play and I am trying to fight my demons. I told mike that i want to do that and he said noooooooooooooo you dont and i wont but its hard. I feel sorry for myself. Why me? Why do i have to go through this? why doesnt everyone have to do these drastic things to loose weight.

hey ho. Running a bath. Gonna have a coke zero with it and a nice read of a booka nd then wait patiently for my mikey to come home. :(

Friday, 27 March 2009

Day 5 and have ulcerative tonsils

Wow its never ending there is always something with me.
Basically I had a really bad sore throat yesterday and went to the drs today. When I went there the dr looked in my throat and said "ouch no wonder your in pain" basically my tonsils are covered in little ulcers! :( She said you can get them when you are run down or are alergic to something. I mentioned that I had started cd on monday but have never been allergic to anything in my life before. She said I have to gargle salt water ... blergh!! and also keep an eye on it and if I am allergic then i will have to come off cd.... um no thanks I will stick with the pain thanks!

Still feeling positive and am finding it fine. Just getting on with it and looking forward to being slimmer. I will never be able to call myself slim but would rather be a stone over weight than 7 stone over weight!

gonna chill for the weekend and just watch dvds :)

Weigh in Sunday and fingers crossed for a good loss!!

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Came on my period day 4!

Well i havent blogged today so far as Ihave been really busy and really tired.
I woke up at 10am and then went back to bed at 2 - 4pm. When i woke up I had come on my period.
Now normally I know when I am going to come on as I get really bad stomach cramps but i have had nothing so I am assuming its to do with my diet which is brilliant as I was on medication that is the same as they give people just coming out of surgery the pain was that bad!

Also have a nasty sore throat today and tonights night shift is going sooooooooo slow.
Just had my porridge. I cant seem to get it as nice as when i had it the first time.
the good thing is, no one has asked me what I am eating as they assume I am eating porridge whereas if i was to bring a shake up and make it they would be like oh is that all your eating?

Anyhoooo need to go back into the room now. Not sure if i will blog later as not much to say apart from finding it so much easier this time round and even h2b has noticed that i havent whinged about it (yet) and he seems reallt proud of me.

My uniform is feeling looser already which is wicked as sitting 12 hours in a uniform where the buckle on the belt cuts into your stomach isnt nice i tell you!

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Day 3 and I have to share 3 shakes over 19 hours!!

Well I am VERRRRRY proud of myself I have cleared day 2 and that was a mission last time. I dont want to say its been easy as the minute I say that it will start getting hard, but its not been hard put it that way!
I start work tonight at 1900 and am working till 0300 am. The time now is 8.30am so I have to spread the packs over 19 hours. I do have a shake spare so was thinking I may just have 4 shakes today, but i will see how I go as I would rather not waste them unless I am really desperate.
But its going well. I had a sneaky peak at my scales this morning and they are saying 17.2 so thats a definate loss of 6lbs already. My weigh in is at 7.30pm on sunday so we will see we will see.
So far I have had a cuppa and am now sipping my first pint of water. I want to try and find a really bad before photo so when i get to goal or half way through I can see how bad i was! But I stupidly deleted the bad ones! So its gonna be hard.
The only people who know I am back on cambridge is, my mum, mike, my sister kim, the girls and my mum in law to be. I will not tell people I am on it even when they say (if they say) I have lost weight as i dont want people turning their nose up at it and making me go off track!
When I have my first dress fitting I will post it up here and then then I have the next two I will also post up here so that I can also see (hopefully) me being a srhinking violet!
Which means I wont be able to show H2b this thread until afterwards but hes cool. Hes supportive in whatever I do.
Right signing off now......

Found this site called virtual model which you can see what you will look like?

Heres what i found....

This is me at 17.7 stones and at 10 stones!!!

As you can see this is a massive difference and i will keep these to spur me on!!!

So day three is over (in the literal sense) as its 00.35 but I still have 2 and a half hours to go at work. Gone quite quick actually.

I went to sleep before work and woke up with a bit of a headache. I went to bed with the heating on full blast, my nighty, a fleece dressing gown and 15 tog quilt. I still wasnt warm warm but i think i over did it with the radiators lol.

Been given some new training at work which was quite interesting. More ways to detect a stroke and also we are now telling people with chest pains to chew!!! yes chew.... on 4 asprins and if they cant chew they have to sit with them under their tongue. The reasoning behind this is that it disolves into the blood stream quicker on your tongue. Other stuff aswell learnt but found that interesting.
Anyhoooo back to the diet. I was HANK MARVIN by the time 11pm came as I was just abou tto go on my break to have my delicious porridge when was told to go to the training! boo hiss! So sat there sipping my water, glowing red when my belly rumbled!!! But got through it. But made my porridge with 200ml of water as someone suggested it made it go longer on minimins. NO WAY never again. It just made it into water with lumps in it. still tasted devine but i think i would rather have the lesser option than have that!
Had my water amount and now on the extra! its either that or be dying for red bullocks through out the night.
Cant wait to drive home, i love the drive home when i finish at 3am! Clear roads, take that blasting in my car and knowing i will go home to a naked gorgeous fiance and the bed will be alllll warm!

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Day two and in ketosis already!!!

Well well well.... got over day 1 which wasnt toooooooooooooo bad.
All i kept thinking was if i fail on this day then I will have to start all over again and I am not willing to put myself through this!

So its 09.00 at the moment and I did a wee stick. And its purple! I am amazed! I am in ketosis already! and I am soooooooooooooooo happy as that means my body is burning off my fat and has gotten rid of all my glycogen restores already! Yipppppeeeeeeeee.
So far have had a mint choc (hot) which i am still sipping, a pint of water and a cuppa.

10.15 - forgot to say, I had loads of dreams last night that I forgot I was on Cambridge and started eating a packet of crisps and then was really upset with myself, another was there was sweets going round at work and I had one and I was devestated lol. Nuts huh?

Also posted a message on the minimins board and I may not be in ketosis, I may be dehydrated so I will drink my 4 pints and the advice is to test again tonight.

16.20 - Well the Dr has signed my form and I have paid my £15 for the privalige (grrr) and now I cant get hold of my CD counciller to be able to go and get more shakes!!!!
going out to my friends house later, we have a weekly girlies night which normally consists of take out and chocolate, but i have warned them I am on this diet and they have been completely supportive and lovely. So they are also eating healthy as one of them (claire) is preggers yey!!!
Sooooo tired. Tried to go to sleep but the cat will not stop singing to me! BITCH!

I have noticed that I am pooing alot? I am wondering if this is common or if i was just consitpated and the water is letting me do the job? God knows but the DS is getting alot of play time anyway! hehe!

18.46 - So been to the CD councillers house, got my shakes and porridges etc and I cant believe how scrummy the porridge is. I was only given the origional and am wondering if she stocks any others? I will ask on the next week but OH MY GOD!!! I could live on these they are to DIE FOR! I was very hesitant at first but I have just finished my first bowl, not only has it filled me up but jesus christ I am in heaven! I only got three so I will treat myself to the other two when i am on nights on wed and thurs I think and then will have to order the majority of them next week! I cant get over how yummy they are!

23.15 - I am shattered now. Been to my friends house and was laughing all night. I sat at the table with them with my water whilst they ate and didnt feel bad they kept apologising but honestly i didnt want any!
My friend claire said that she thinks this time I will do it and they all have so much faith in me and used to groan when i took on a new diet but they have all said they are proud of me bless them.
Heres to day 3 for me! I need to stay up as late as possible, a) cos hubs2b still hasnt finished work bless him, and he started at 8am! and b) I am working 1900 till 0300 tomorrow night so want to not have to rely on red bull to keep me awake! God knows how I am going to deal with the shakes tomorrow. Am thinking that I will just drink loads of water in the morning if i wake up early and then have a shake around 5pm then have a porridge at about 2200 and then a tetra at about 2 ish and then go bed when i get in?
So heres to day 3.

Day one. 17 stone 7lbs eeeeeeeek!

Hi there. I have done this diet before, well actually started off at Lighterlife two years ago at 14.11 and lost 2 stone with lighterlife. I had a suspected misscarriage and it all went tits up!
I then tried Camrbidge and lost a stone but then lost my job (this was back in March 08).... roll on March 09 and I am 17 stone 7 now!! I cant believe it. I remember back when I was creaping up to 15 I thought jesus I cant get bigger than this.
But now I am severley obese (as the bmi chart states!).
So I went to the cambridge counsiller near me and when she weighed me, informed me that she could start with me until i got a form signed by the drs. I was gutted! Basically at 42.2 bmi I cant do the diet without the drs consent.
I skulked off and went to my sister who had some left over. She gave me a days worth as I wanted to start 23rd March as a) it was my birthday 21st march and being 28 and fat all my life isnt boeding well with me. b) I knew if i didnt start then I would give up!
So.... I went to drs, and asked for my form to be signed but they wouldnt sign it till wednesday (apparently my drs are too posh to sign so they have an admin team that takes three days to scribble their name, and I have to pay £15 for that privalidge!)

Luckily though, my sister gave me three days worth so I am ok till wednesday and started it as promised on 23rd March.
I have taken three days off work (i had them off anyway as I work shifts but doing overtime on wed and thursday) so i can concentrate on getting this diet off the ground and will be close to a toilet.

Wednesday and thurs night I am on 19.00 till 0300am. so that could be tricky.

Anyway So I have started this diet at weighing in at 17.7 and only 5"4 (i have grown an inch yey)and want to at least get down to about 15 by May time.

On here I will put my thoughts feelings down.

So far day one had a chocolate shake, a black tea and a pint of water, and have been on the toilet most of the morning lol. Feeling hungry but positive. I want to do this. I am sick of sitting here with a tire round my waist. Having to lift my stomach up to dry underneath it (tmi) and just feeling so gross. My main problem at the moment is my arms as I am due to get married on 29th August this year and my arms are like thighs they are so big. I think in my head I am smaller than I am until i see a photo and I get a shock. So i think what I will have to do is get some photos developed and keep looking back at them as I go along.I will come back to this when I feel the need and just jot down randoms. People dont need to read it, but if you do, leave me a message and say
23/3/09 - 6pm - stomach is rumbling already!!! eeeeek!Must do this must do this must do this!!!!
23/3/09 - 8pm - Well nearly there. Just starving and waiting till Mike (the fiance) sits down with his pizza grrrrrrrrrrrrr my fav meal and I will have a veg soup! yum!! (NOT!)