Friday, 3 April 2009

day 12.

Still finding the diet really easy.... well apart from craving food lol its ok.

Mike and I are off this weekend so we are spending some well earned time together.
Had a nice long soak together and then went shopping, he put his hand on my leg in teh car and said.... oh baby your legs are certainly shrinking YIPEEEEEEEEEEE!

We then came home and had got the seating plan for the wedding so had a good old laugh putting the table plan together!

We love shows so the table names are the shows we have seen.One of them is called the vagina monolgues where we have put all the rowdy people on which i am sooooooo jealous as its people from my family his work and his family on this table and I sooooooo wish i was with them as it will be such a laugh!And we put the boring people on the rocky horror picture show hahahah
The kids are on a table called Wicked and we are on Avenue Q which was our first date!
We also have boogie nights table, Rent, cirque de soliel, the woman in black and starlight express.

At some points we were laughing so much I nearly wet myself before getting to the loo! haha! Oh well I am waffling now.

Only 3 days till weigh in. This week seems to have taken an age to get there. My sister who started sat has lost 10lbs well done kim!!!!
I have definatly lost a stone now just dont know how much on my councillers scales.