Thursday, 26 March 2009

Came on my period day 4!

Well i havent blogged today so far as Ihave been really busy and really tired.
I woke up at 10am and then went back to bed at 2 - 4pm. When i woke up I had come on my period.
Now normally I know when I am going to come on as I get really bad stomach cramps but i have had nothing so I am assuming its to do with my diet which is brilliant as I was on medication that is the same as they give people just coming out of surgery the pain was that bad!

Also have a nasty sore throat today and tonights night shift is going sooooooooo slow.
Just had my porridge. I cant seem to get it as nice as when i had it the first time.
the good thing is, no one has asked me what I am eating as they assume I am eating porridge whereas if i was to bring a shake up and make it they would be like oh is that all your eating?

Anyhoooo need to go back into the room now. Not sure if i will blog later as not much to say apart from finding it so much easier this time round and even h2b has noticed that i havent whinged about it (yet) and he seems reallt proud of me.

My uniform is feeling looser already which is wicked as sitting 12 hours in a uniform where the buckle on the belt cuts into your stomach isnt nice i tell you!

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