Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Day two and in ketosis already!!!

Well well well.... got over day 1 which wasnt toooooooooooooo bad.
All i kept thinking was if i fail on this day then I will have to start all over again and I am not willing to put myself through this!

So its 09.00 at the moment and I did a wee stick. And its purple! I am amazed! I am in ketosis already! and I am soooooooooooooooo happy as that means my body is burning off my fat and has gotten rid of all my glycogen restores already! Yipppppeeeeeeeee.
So far have had a mint choc (hot) which i am still sipping, a pint of water and a cuppa.

10.15 - forgot to say, I had loads of dreams last night that I forgot I was on Cambridge and started eating a packet of crisps and then was really upset with myself, another was there was sweets going round at work and I had one and I was devestated lol. Nuts huh?

Also posted a message on the minimins board and I may not be in ketosis, I may be dehydrated so I will drink my 4 pints and the advice is to test again tonight.

16.20 - Well the Dr has signed my form and I have paid my £15 for the privalige (grrr) and now I cant get hold of my CD counciller to be able to go and get more shakes!!!!
going out to my friends house later, we have a weekly girlies night which normally consists of take out and chocolate, but i have warned them I am on this diet and they have been completely supportive and lovely. So they are also eating healthy as one of them (claire) is preggers yey!!!
Sooooo tired. Tried to go to sleep but the cat will not stop singing to me! BITCH!

I have noticed that I am pooing alot? I am wondering if this is common or if i was just consitpated and the water is letting me do the job? God knows but the DS is getting alot of play time anyway! hehe!

18.46 - So been to the CD councillers house, got my shakes and porridges etc and I cant believe how scrummy the porridge is. I was only given the origional and am wondering if she stocks any others? I will ask on the next week but OH MY GOD!!! I could live on these they are to DIE FOR! I was very hesitant at first but I have just finished my first bowl, not only has it filled me up but jesus christ I am in heaven! I only got three so I will treat myself to the other two when i am on nights on wed and thurs I think and then will have to order the majority of them next week! I cant get over how yummy they are!

23.15 - I am shattered now. Been to my friends house and was laughing all night. I sat at the table with them with my water whilst they ate and didnt feel bad they kept apologising but honestly i didnt want any!
My friend claire said that she thinks this time I will do it and they all have so much faith in me and used to groan when i took on a new diet but they have all said they are proud of me bless them.
Heres to day 3 for me! I need to stay up as late as possible, a) cos hubs2b still hasnt finished work bless him, and he started at 8am! and b) I am working 1900 till 0300 tomorrow night so want to not have to rely on red bull to keep me awake! God knows how I am going to deal with the shakes tomorrow. Am thinking that I will just drink loads of water in the morning if i wake up early and then have a shake around 5pm then have a porridge at about 2200 and then a tetra at about 2 ish and then go bed when i get in?
So heres to day 3.

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